Four Ways Jeep Prepares its Vehicles for Adventurous Drives

Jeep has cultivated a reputation for adventure-ready vehicles over the years. Its vehicles remain favorites among off-road enthusiasts, campers, and more around Plymouth, MI. So, what sets these vehicles apart?

  1. Four-Wheel Drive: Every new Jeep model is offered with available four-wheel drive. While multiple four-wheel drive systems are available for different models, each one is designed to deliver grip and confidence drivers expect from Jeep models.
  2. High Ground Clearance: Whether you're traversing snow, mud, rocks, or other terrain, you'll need high ground clearance to get past obstacles. Jeep designs each new model with this in mind, building in ground clearance to accommodate a range of driving conditions.
  3. Flexible Cargo Space: Packing for a trip can be a hassle if your vehicle isn't designed for cargo. Each of Jeep's new models offers both the geometry and flexibility to pack gear, luggage, and more.
  4. Brawny Engines: A range of available engines serve Jeep models in unique ways. From smaller, turbocharged units to large, naturally-aspirated V8s and V6s, there's something for everyone.
  5. Off-Road Packages: Pick the available Trailhawk trim and you'll get extra features to enhance your off-road experience.

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