Three Fun Activities for Jeep Lovers Near Farmington Hills

So, you've bought a new Jeep model from Suburban Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram of Farmington Hills and you're ready to take it out for some fun Jeep activities nearby. Here are a few recommendations for Jeep fun near Farmington Hills.

  • Off-Road Parks: Many Jeep models area prepared for tough off-road challenges. If you really want to test your Jeep's capabilities, we recommend checking out the various off-road parks in the areas around Farmington Hills and throughout the grater Detroit area. Spots like The Mounds Off-Road Park, Bundies Hill Off-Road Park, and Rocks and Valleys Off-Road Park offer a variety of fun obstacles to navigate through in your Jeep.
  • State Parks: If you're not as keen to take your Jeep on challenging off-road courses, there are still places in the area where you can get outdoors. There are plenty of Michigan state parks that are just a short drive from Farmington Hills and other Detroit area communities. Proud Lake State Park, Pontiac Lake State Park, Bald Mountain State Park, and more are all great places to take your Jeep for an enjoyable drive.
  • Jeep Clubs: Jeep owners near Farmington Hills are often passionate about their vehicles and wish to share the experience with other enthusiasts. Luckily, there are several Jeep owners' clubs that meet around Farmington Hills and Detroit. If you're looking for camaraderie around your favorite auto maker, consider joining one of these clubs.

While you enjoy your new Jeep in the Farmington Hills area, keep in mind that you can bring it back to our dealership for upkeep and maintenance. We'll be ready to make sure your Jeep can keep taking you on fun adventures.

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