Change Your Tires this Spring for Improved Comfort and Performance

As winter draws to a close, drivers across Michigan will be planning for all sorts of seasonal maintenance. But while installing wiper blades and installing new batteries get the bulk of attention, there's another service that sometimes slips between the cracks: changing tires.

Not all cars need to have their tires changed at the end of the winter season, but those that do can benefit from major improvements in safety, performance, and comfort.

Some drivers in the area opt to install winter tires when the cold months are approaching. After all, these types of tires can drastically improve performance in sub-freezing, snowy, and icy conditions that are so common in this state. However, they don't fare as well in warmer temperatures, losing grip and comfort as the temperatures climb. If you have winter tires on your vehicle, it's smart to switch to summer or all-seasons as we head into spring.

Whether you install winter tires or keep your all-seasons on year-round, winter road conditions can chew them up quickly. Ice, salt, sand, and infamous Michigan potholes can all take their toll over the course of the cold months. By the time you get to the other side, you may need to get some rubber with fresh tread.

For some drivers, changing to new tires isn't necessary. Instead, we recommend a simple tire rotation. This once-a-season service can help make sure the set wears evenly over time.

If you do need to install some new tires on your car, come chat with our service and parts staff here at Suburban Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram of Farmington Hills. We can help you pick out a great set of rubber for your vehicle and get it installed in no time.

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