Four Easy Steps to Help You Prepare for Buying a New Car Near Northville

There are a few things to think about when you're ready to start shopping for a new car near Northville. From initial research to getting a good offer on your trade-in, here are a few steps you can take to be prepared for your next new-car purchase.

  1. Do Your Research: Before you start driving cars, think about what you need and want from a vehicle on a daily basis. If you have a large family, you might need a minivan like the Chrysler Pacifica. If you run a business or tow a boat, you may need a new Ram…
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Can I Buy a Good Car for Less than $10,000?

Price is frequently the determining factor for customers around Farmington Hills. For many, the goal is to stay below $10,000. However, sticking to a tighter budget shouldn't have to mean passing on good quality. You can find a car that both fits your budget and meets your expectations for quality at Suburban Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram of Farmington Hills.



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Five Reasons to Consider Buying a Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle

Most car shoppers think about either buying a new model or a used vehicle, but there's a third option to consider. Manufacturers like Ram and Dodge help drivers get used value alongside like-new quality through certified pre-owned programs. These programs aim to pick out the highest quality used models available for special ownership benefits. Here are a few of the reasons you may want to consider a certified pre-owned car, truck, or SUV:

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Easily Shop for Your Businesses New Vehicle Close to Home in Farmington Hills

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Commercial vehicles usually evoke images of giant semi-trucks or big beefy vehicles, but not every business requires a large vehicle for their needs. With the lineup of commercial vehicles we have in stock, you'll be able to get the truck or cargo van your business needs with ease.

No matter what your businesses specific needs are, the friendly and helpful team at Suburban Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram can help you find the perfect fit for your business.

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Find the Right Vehicle for Your Business Needs with Suburban Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram

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No matter what type and size of vehicle needs your business requires, we can help you get the vehicle that exceeds your business needs time and again. From a powerful heavy-duty truck like the Ram 3500, or an efficient and versatile Ram ProMaster City cargo van, you can upgrade your business image and capabilities with whatever vehicle you choose. Whether it's a van or truck, our team of sales and financing experts are ready to help you get exactly what you need, for a price you can live with.



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The Chrysler 300 Tackles Daylight Savings

Daylight savings time has kidnapped our days. As we near the end of the year, the amount of sunlight we are exposed to will continue to decrease. Prolonged darkness is an unsettling reality for both nyctophobics and drivers. However, there is hope.

As part of its commitment to craft a safe and comforting ride, Chrysler got innovative with the Chrysler 300's headlights.


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Ram and Katniss Everdeen Are Compatible

Since its founding, Ram has challenged the status quo. In a segment with strong ties to its agriculture roots, Ram sought to provide more than just a means to tackle the tortuous work site. Instead, Ram attempted to balance utility with refinement--and excelled in doing so. In the Ram lineup, drivers are able to get work done and have fun doing it. Its lineup is decorated in class-exclusive features, best-in-class efficiency ratings and superb payload figures. Elect to drive any number of its models, and always experience unprecedented quality.



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The Ram 1500 Is Both Stylish and Capable


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The Ram 1500 puts a stylish spin on traditional truck capabilities. Available here at Suburban Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram of Farmington Hills, the Ram 1500 is calling all parents, outdoor enthusiasts and hard workers looking to spread-out, relax, hit uncharted territory--and maybe get some work done in between. Say goodbye to truck-made sacrifice and welcome the opportunity to have it all.

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The 2016 Dodge Journey Does More than Accomodate Expanding Families

Flip-flopping between an SUV and minivan? The Dodge Journey splits the difference.

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Unlike other large family haulers, the Dodge Journey is able to suit their needs without guzzling gas or weighing down driving dynamics. Efficient and spirited, the Dodge Journey is the surprising seven-seater that any party in search of space should consider.

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